Services offered by DTS, Drilling Technical Support, considered, among others:

  • To support in an integral way drilling campaigns since beginning. We analyze and help selection of contractors participating in tender processes, reviewing and evaluating drilling companies and rigs conditions.
  • We guide definition of best techniques and drilling systems appropriate for each Project, focusing in the optimization of resources both economics and hydrics.
  • Comprehensevely we support services development through W.T.I. (ITO), Controllers and/or Supervisors in the áreas of drilling, geotechnics, hydrics Wells and others such as safey and environment.
  • We take care of a detailed and specific reportability.
  • We take in the technical processing of simples in an integral way from the platform upto preparation and transport to laboratory with specialists.
  • We support management of information capture with our own App, in order to have timely data processed in BI. We analyze and interpret the daily drilling reports allowing to visualize, among others, the downtime of the operation and help reduce its causes.
  • We technically train staff of drilling and geology areas. We supply knowledge and control tools based on those items of major incidence in drilling programs development with the knowledge of most habitual practices in the industry.
Aditionally, technical support and advice may consider following:

To develop service of sampling in grade control, in piles or dumps aimed to improve quality of final product

To implement a new control system of daily cost with real indicators versus forecast in order to optimized resource or to review existing system.

To implement a control system of daily production to monitor productivity, non productive hours, consumptions and rig utilization and availability.

Automatize and follow up control systems to assure fulfillments in all areas, such as productivity, costs, safety and quality.

Incorporate improvements to risk prevention management system and evaluate implementation of tele-presence at the rigs.

  • Contracts Administration: The objective is to provide knowledge and tools based on those items with the greatest impact in the development of drilling programs, knowing the good and bad practices common in the industry. It aims to seek compliance with the contractual terms both in daily and monthly plan, as well as in safety, quality and productivity.
  • Productivity: Analize adn interpret the daily drilling reports allowing to visualize in a form the downtimes of operation and thus better plan so that these downtimes are minimized.
  • Operational Control: To supply tools that allow visualization of contractor’s operational performance by measuring avalability and use of rigs, as well as operative hour costs and reimbursable items. Also have control over security processes and fulfillment of goals.
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