• We support mining companies in the automation of processes and in the management of drilling programs through Business Intelligence (BI) as it increases performance controlling productivity and controlling costs providing information in real time to correct deviations timely and optimizing resources allowing to know advance and quality, plus how to prepare payment state (EP).
  • We have developed an AppDMS - DRILLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, which will allow to manage productivity of drilling rig out of any Tablet or Smart phone.
  • Another objective of DMS App is that drilling work ceases to be an intuitive work and on the contrary it becomes a measurable, quantifiable and traceable work allowing thus to improve the productive process and optimizing resources.

We provide support to mining companies in the automation of processes and management through Business Intelligence (BI).

Increases performance controlling productivity and costs.

Supply information in real time, correct deviation timely, optimize resources and allow to know advance and quality.

How it works?